Services/ Issue of TR CU Certificate and Declaration of Conformity

In order to provide free circulation of goods within the borders of the Russian Federation, Belarus and Kazakhstan in 2007 there was created a Customs Union — organization which unities the countries into one customs territory where almost all the duties abolished and almost no trading constraints.
Since the unification should have been regulated it came natural that there appeared different kinds of documents necessary for the free trade within union borders. Consequently, there were technical regulations of the Customs Union developed — TR TC, which define which regulations should the offered goods meet.
For registration of the certificate/declaration it is necessary to sign a contract on representation of manufacturer’s interests in issues of conformity/nonconformity of the product quality.
Customs Union Technical Regulations Certificate (CU TR Certificate) is a document which confirms the compliance of the products falling within the scope of TR CU with safety requirements. Legal release of goods is impossible without CU TR Certificate.
In order to learn whether you need CU TR Certificate for your products you can read the appropriate technical regulations. As a rule there is always a list of the products subject to the compulsory certification for each kind of technical regulations. On our website you can look through all the adopted and effective technical regulations of the Customs Union in order to understand whether your products fall within the scope of those regulations.
In “USEFUL” section we gathered for you all the possible lists of the products subject to the compulsory certification under the requirements of the technical regulations of the Customs Union. Here you can find which products need CU TR Certificate.
If you have any doubts concerning ambiguity in product classification or code designation or you would like to obtain further information please contact our specialists.
CU TR Certificate is obtained after successful passing through certification in certification authority. At the same time for drawing up CU TR certificate are eligible only those certification bodies that are included in the Common Register of Certification Bodies and Testing Laboratories (Centers) of the Customs Union.
To file and application for CU TR certification may only the Company which is a resident of the Customs Union. It is possible to get the Certificate in any of the Customs Union Member Country: in Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan.
Besides the list of the goods subject to compulsory certifications, each of the technical regulations of the Customs Union has its own provisions of the state supervision over them as well as rights and obligations of the applicant, exact order of the approval documents execution, scheme of certification procedure.
Tests can be carried out only in a testing facility included into the Register of certification bodies and testing laboratories (centres) of the Customs Union.
The Certification body considers all the evidential matters submitted by the applicant and the testing laboratory, subsequent to the results of which it makes a decision on the certificate issue possibility.
If to talk about the validity period of the certificate for technical regulations of the Customs Union – it is issued for the period not more than 5 years for a production series. What concerns productions batch of one-of-a kind item – the validity period of the certificate coincides with the lifetime of the product.
The certificate of conformity to technical regulations of the Customs Union is a strictly accountable document which has not less than 4 protection levels (typographic number, micro printing, protective holographic element, etc.). There is always data on the product in the certificate as well as codes of the Customs Union Commodity Classification of Foreign Economic Activity, applicant’s and manufacturer’s details, corresponding regulatory and the information on the registration data and validity period. The certificate is made by electronic printing systems only. There should be the Russian language upon the face of the document, the opposite page can be filled out in the native language of the CU member country where the certificate was issued.
Our Company provides services in drawing up certificates, declarations of conformity according to CU TR 004/2011, CU TR 010/2011, CU TR 012/2011, CU TR020/2011 and CU TR 032/2013.
The efficient work of our experts enables fast and inexpensive process of certification. Call us and you will know whether your product is in the list of goods subject to mandatory certification and how to obtain a certificate of conformity. Our specialists will offer optimal certification procedure, will test your products in the leading testing laboratories in the shortest time. Our prices will be a welcome surprise for you since work on principle to principal basis.